How We Are Helping K-12 Districts

GoSchoolBox works with K-12 Districts to deliver end-to-end support for tutoring. With our Tutoring Management System and our Analytics and Insights Solution, we help district leaders deliver tutoring and evaluate the impact of their tutoring programs.

We work with you to determine the right approach and to help you decide the best path forward. Whether you require direct delivery support through our tutoring management system or need help understanding the impact of your current tutoring providers programs – or you need both – we will work with you to customize the support that aligns with your district’s goals.

We help leaders unlock the value of support programs by making the process of collecting, analyzing, visualizing, and reporting on outcomes simple and effective. We empower districts to understand the impact of their tutoring programs by aligning them to the outcomes that matter most.

We collaborate with districts to incorporate learning analytics and assessment data, allowing you to compare outcomes against your key tutoring metrics to identify impact and make data-driven decisions to enhance academic success.

Through securely collecting and storing your data, our experts can easily access, organize, and standardize your data, making your program analysis-ready, and saving you the time and effort it takes to create actionable insights.

Our data visualizations and easy-to-navigate reporting provide district leaders with insights that are ready to be shared so you can communicate effectively with stakeholders to drive continuous improvements in your programs.

With monthly program reviews and middle and end-of year impact reports, district leaders are able to seamlessly embed accountability into programs.

Solutions to Fit Your Needs

With GoSchoolBox, you choose the solution that best fits your needs. Whether you are in need of support for

➔ delivering and scaling your tutoring programs with the best tools for tracking, managing, and reporting

➔ evaluating the impact of your existing support programs so you can make better decisions and improve outcomes

Our Tutoring Management System provides all-in-one tutoring delivery with robust engagement, tracking, and reporting & analytics.

Our Analytics and Impact Solution enables you to identify impact, make informed decisions, and continuously improve your programs.

What our GoSchoolBox partners say

Hear from some of our partners who started out just like you

“The GoSchoolBox program is very useful for instruction and we are using the data-collection capabilities, which are always improving, to help better serve the needs of our students.”

Roberta Perlman

Board Member, Pomona USD
Pomona Unified Library Foundation

“I’m not sure we would have been able to keep our academic program going through the pandemic without their platform and support.”

Keith Crawford

Program Director, CAVE

“GoSchoolBox has been a lifesaver. The ability to quickly manage users, schedule sessions, pop in to sessions, and view all chats and recordings as needed is all that we could ask for and more.”

Jenessa Hefler

Literacy Mentor Director, Every Neighborhood Partnership

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