How We Are Helping Tutoring Providers

GoSchoolBox’s tutoring management system supports tutoring providers through an all-in-one solution that enables seamless end-to-end tutoring so you can optimize, track, and scale your operations.

Simplified scheduling through a user-friendly interface for administrators, tutors, and students makes scheduling convenient and simple.

Robust communication tools help keep students engaged and on track. Updates via email and SMS, virtual rooms that provide a suite of interactive tools including video conferencing, whiteboards, document editing, text chats, and session recording, maximize student and tutor interaction.

Easy resource management enables uploading and sharing learning content directly within sessions and embeds lesson plans to ensure seamless access to relevant material during sessions.

Real-time data dashboards keep track of student and tutor session participation, as well as changes in SEL data over time. Our reporting generates scheduled automated reports with key data, including session attendance, user roster, SEL data, and post-session feedback from students and tutors to deliver a comprehensive view of all key success metrics.

Streamlined application and onboarding includes an automated tutor application submission and approval process, seamless rostering integrations with Clever, Classlink, and EdLink making onboarding effortless.

Solutions to Fit Your Needs

With GoSchoolBox, you choose the solution that best fits your needs. Whether you are in need of support for

➔ delivering and scaling your tutoring programs with the best tools for tracking, managing, and reporting

➔ evaluating the impact of your existing support programs so you can make better decisions and improve outcomes

Our Tutoring Management System provides all-in-one tutoring delivery with robust engagement, tracking, and reporting & analytics.

Our Analytics and Impact Solution enables you to identify impact, make informed decisions, and continuously improve your programs.

What our GoSchoolBox partners say

Hear from some of our partners who started out just like you

“The GoSchoolBox program is very useful for instruction and we are using the data-collection capabilities, which are always improving, to help better serve the needs of our students.”

Roberta Perlman

Board Member, Pomona USD
Pomona Unified Library Foundation

“I’m not sure we would have been able to keep our academic program going through the pandemic without their platform and support.”

Keith Crawford

Program Director, CAVE

“GoSchoolBox has been a lifesaver. The ability to quickly manage users, schedule sessions, pop in to sessions, and view all chats and recordings as needed is all that we could ask for and more.”

Jenessa Hefler

Literacy Mentor Director, Every Neighborhood Partnership

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