Accurate Data. Informed Decisions.

GoSchoolBox’s Analytics and Impact Solution provides actionable data so you can accurately measure performance, make informed decisions, and continuously improve your tutoring programs.

Our monthly program reviews, and middle and end-of-year impact reports keep you on track in meeting your goals and keeping your programs accountable.

Analytics and Impact Solution Features

Analytics and Impact Solution Features

How It Works

Unlock actionable insights. Identify impact. Share your results.

A comprehensive view of your tutoring data is essential to identifying impact; GoSchoolBox works with you to make it easy and effective.

We collect, organize, and process your program data and our experts standardize, compare, and analyze all your data points to produce actionable insights.

GoSchoolBox compares tutoring program data with your learner outcomes data. We work with you to easily and securely ingest and store your data so you can measure the impact your tutoring programs are having on student performance.

Our easy-to-use, readily shareable visualizations make reporting simple and impactful.

“I’m not sure we would have been able to keep our academic program going through the pandemic without their platform and support.”

Keith Crawford
Program Director, CAVE

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